SiliCoded ITCM

SiliCoded Information Technology Connectivity Management (ITCM) is an emerging technology that will help ServiceNow to interface with IoT domain. Currently in ServiceNow we have few tables or classes related to IoT devices. We need to improve it to next level.

The major challenge to interface with IoT domain is the hardware interaction. IoT hardware design and development is very critical task for any service provider. With the Now platform capabilities the low code or no code is preferred. We are working to achieve the same in IoT domain for developers. The main difference in IT & IoT domain is the different implementation platforms. The logic behind every system can be developed on paper. But the implementation becomes the difficult task. We tried to resolve this issue here in ITCM. A developer can design inputs and outputs on Now platform as he wanted. Same will be carried at IoT device. The output will be also operated from Now platform. Hence logical designing part will start and end at Now platform only.